Pinzgau/Austria – Fly Fishing Nation Autumn Gig

Pinzgau/Austria – Fly Fishing Nation Autumn Gig

Pinzgau/Austria – Fly Fishing Nation Autumn Gig

It came as a big surprise to many of our followers that we spent a lot more time on our local waters and within the European Union then in the last two years combined. Not only because we really embrace the fisheries that we have got here, but also to find back to our roots – the backyard adventures. That’s what made Fly Fishing Nation what it is today. No worries, our calendar is still stuffed with epic adventures and we have got three more big gigs till this magnificent season  is officially over.

Udo, Stephan Dombaj & Peter Stark with a Krimmler Ache Grayling

At the very young age of this project, we used to fish Austria every other weekend and all of it started with the rivers and lakes of the Hotel Bräurup located in state of Pinzgau/Austria in the village of Mittersil. This location is a gateway for many anglers or young and old as well as eperienced/seasoned anglers and beginners too. The fishable water encompasses 130km of rivers/streams and 8 lakes of pretty much prime salmonide water – all fishable with one license if one checks into the premises of the Hotel Bräurup. In other word, plenty of water to explore, plenty of opportunities to fish and a nieche for every style and skill. Last but not least, a walk down memorie lane for us…


The team for this year’s gig consisted out of Peter and his Landy “The English Patient”, Tom Bell from Sunray Fly Fish, Jozef and Stephan – a colorfull mix of cheerfull characters and different special abilities. Our task? Most of all fishing, relaxing, drinking in the astounding landscape and of course some image work on top. We will keep this short report rather simple, because we don’t want to spoil you appetite for the magazine version of it.


The weather had conspired a bit against us, but with that many alternatives on menu, one will always find some fishable water. Over the course of a week, our team experienced very good sport! Plenty of big grayling on micro nymphs as well as very very good numbers of lake- and browntrout as well as brook trout kept our team busy shooting and fishing. Here some preliminary shots and behind the scene material.


Thanks to the good people involved: The team of Hotel Bräurup and Matthias Gassner for their hospitality and support, the great guiding team Udo and Michael for their dedication and time. Tom and Peter for being the generous and kind characters they are and of course for giving those salmonides a hard time. What a great trip!

Stephan Gian Dombaj

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