Jungle Tarpon Diaries Vol.1 for Solid Adventures

Most of you guys know that our strong side is to provide raw material. We do however provide postproduction- mainly in the still photography field. The good guys from Solid Adventures wanted us to do a recap of the week with them in Costa Rica- and so we did. Here a simple week-recap.

FFN Team

The Solid Adventures crew in the midst of the northern Costa Rican Jungle. Shallow water creeks, lagoons and a river that you would expect trout to swim in are holding some of the biggest Tarpon in Central America. Fly Fishing at it’s finest in an intimate 4 rod setting. Lean back and enjoy the ride.

Follow the exploits of our Solid Adventure team into the midst of the northern Costa Rican jungle, chasing some of the biggest Tarpon Central America has to offer. Sightfishing these magnificent beasts with floating and float intermediate lines in shallow lagoons, creeks and small river. Hard to believe that these skinny waters hold giant tarpon, but see for yourself. The ultimate jungle experience where dredging and sinking lines have no space – this is true tarpon fly fishing.

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Rickard Sjöberg, Vadim Titovets, Marius Butkevicius, Tom Enderlin & Stephan Gian Dombaj

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