Euro-Barbel: It’s ON!

Euro-Barbel: It’s ON!

Summer lends itself to good times like no other season, whether it’s beach adventures or beer and BBQ exploits with your mates… For kinded fly anglers, summer temperatures can heavily restrict your typical trout fishing activities. At least if you care about the well-being of Grayling, Trout and co. Salmonides don’t really dig the higher water temperatures – that’s no secret. And it’s our responsibility to restrict our fishing pressure and fish reasonably. To make a long story short… go whitefish! Cyprinides not only like the higher temperatures, they really are most active when it’s warm. Their metabolism works like a steam engine and that’s good for us.


We love carp fishing, we have done it a lot for more than 10 years with some stella specimen crushing the magic 40lb on the fly… and don’t get us wrong, it’s still up there in the top 3 of “things you can do with your flyrod” Most of our carp fishing is stillwater and slow moving water fishing though. If you do miss the structural splendor of a river and it’s gurgling sound of refreshing H2O gently pushing against your waders, Barbel is one of the things that should be high on your bucketlist. It’s on ours and that’s  for a very good reason. For those of you, who are not familiar with Barbel, here some answers to some FAQ from our instagram channel (

– A barbel is not a carp, however, it’s a cyprinide and somewhat related to it… but repead after me… it’s no a carp. Also, they are no white suckerfish.  Think of it as a supercharged lovechild of a bonefish and a carp… or a streamlined carp on cocaine. You guys cannot even image how many arguments we had last year about a barbel not being a carp (the internet is a weird place)

– Season is 365 days a year – check your local regulations. During spawning, let them be… they don’t care about flies then anyways. They are just like us…when it’s on, it’s on. Winter, deep and slow water – Summer, rapids, runs and everything that provides them with enough oxygen to peel backing of your reel.

– Flies? Yes, they do eat flies… they love em. Check out Paulo’s piece of mind on this particular topic. Check it out – here!

– Gear: 3weight 10ft to 5weight 9ft (and longer) – long leaders or Euro Nymphing Setups. It’s that simple really.


Ah, a little side note. Our massive flood of wicked barbel shots last year has pretty much destroyed our old fishing spots in our backyard. The internet was a quick as we thought it would. If the top terrorist would post a fishing heroshot on the net, the angling community would find them. Sophisticated research tactics that would put Intelligent Agencies to shame. Of course we do have a ton of other spots. We are cutting down on the landscape shots though. Sorry – not sorry. 😉 If you want to snatch our spots, just ask us and we will take you fishing. We are cool guys.

One last thing: It’s on. After spawning, they are feeding like crazy. They are fat and strong right now. Go out, explore, enjoy and #barbelonthefly



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