Tackle, Flies & Equipment

Due to the amount of fish one might possibly encounter on daily base, good equipment is mandatory! The 8 weight will be your good-to-go tool although the skinny flats in some areas are screaming for a 6 weight. Not because the fishsize ain’t big enough…just because you can. The average bonefish is between 4 and 7lb. Double digit single or double fish can be seen every day. Altough most of the Permit in this area are around 10lb, way bigger fish are patroling the flats. The mangrove area has produced a very good share of baby tarpon up to 50lb. Some monsters are cruising around the edges at the horse shoe reef. On top of that you have heaps of BIG Cudas, Jack and Snappers…

Bonefish (Size 12-4): Cuban Shrimp, Gotcha, Crazy Charlie, Medusa, EP- Spawning Shrimp, Morrish’s Crab-Cake, Bonefish Special, Bunny Bitters, Bonefish Bitter, Clouser Tan Charlie, Bubba Shrimp, EP Sandshrimp

Permit (Size 4-1/0): Avalon Fly, Sili Leg Crab, Keel Shrimp, Avalon Fly, Creol Fly, Flexo Crab, Grand Slam Tan
Tarpon, Snook (Size 1/0-3/0): Green Cookie, Tarpon Toad, Black Death, Suspending Shrimp, Black Tarpon Bunny, Deerhead Deciever

An 8weight in 9ft. that fits your pace of casting will suit most of the time. As a little treat for yourself, bring a fast 6weight in 9ft. that can deliver a size 6 bonefish fly within 40ft. neatly. From the skiff,we recommend slightly longer and overloaded tapers like RIO Redfish – for wading anglers, RIO’s Bonefish Quickshooter is the right choice! All lines are floating lines.

We need to gear up for bigger Permit and Tarpon – first of all because the flies are bigger and/or heavier and of course because these two species are downright nuts! They will put on a fight so you better be prepared. A 10weight or 9weight in 9ft will get the job done – even if Jack, Cudas and Snappers are pulling at the end of the line. Have it rigged up with a big Permit treat all the time unless your guide tells you to switch over to a Tarpon or Cuda leader.

A high quality reel with a good drag system is highly recommended and your reel should have at least 180 yards of backing line. Make sure the reel is sealed to avoid drag or blowing sand problems.

If you don’t want to bring your own stuff or you don’t want to buy an additional outfit for this trip, no worries – we have gear on location. I am not talking about crappy walmart stuff, I am talking high quality gear. Nevertheless, I recommend prospective Cuban anglers to get to know their gear before we leave. make sure that you can hit a holla-hop within 20 Meters with 1 or 2 backcasts – if you can do that, you are more than ready…

Most of the time we are fishing from single skiffs or wading after staking out. That means you are on the money… all the time. Bring a good bunch of bonefish leaders between 9ft and 12ft. (12lb-20lb) and carry fluocarbon tippet material (Seaguar) with you. Permit wont mind a 20lb bonefish leader either. For Tarpon, bring some spools of Ande Tippet Mono or equal material with you (20,40,60lb) As for the shocker, we prefere Mason Hard Mono or Rio Super Shock in 40,60,80lb. To round it up, bring some single strand steelwire for the Cudas!