The Fly Fishing Nation Syndicate has teamed up with Solid Adventures to get you into some serious flat fishing action at the newly opened San Lazaro area located in the western Las Salinas/Zapata National Park. A pristine piece of Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon heaven. Our last trip was absolutely amazing. Every day we’d see and cast at tailing Permit, dozens of cruising bonefish and if that mission was accomplished, Tarpon and Snook would round up to a grand slam. 

The east section of the park (east of the red lines on the map) has only been open for flyfishing since 2004 but until today no motorboats have been allowed, strongly limiting the possibilities to explore these vast areas. However, since the number of bonefish has been so great, known and acknowledged as one of the absolute the Permits, Tarpons, Jacks, Snooks and many others to feast on.
Seriously, look at the map and just imagine what this really means! This area is simply a salt water angler and explorer’s dreams come true! A chance to say you were one of the first sportfisherman ever to fish these areas! One can only imagine what the tides from the 700 meter deep ”horse shoe” channels will bring to the table for our dear friends best in the world in terms of numbers, there has been no real need to explore any other areas…….until now! A salt water angler and explorer’s dreams come true!

Since 2013, for the first time ever, Solid Adventures in co-operation with Casa Batida and Planet Flyfishing will now be able to take anglers right into the heart of this area, utilizing a newly built channel directly from the new marina. With the help of our brand new motorboats, 4 single skiffs to explore the shallow areas and two double skiffs to explore the deeper areas we can now fish waters never fished before!

This season in San Lazaro will be extremely interesting and one of the more memorable experiences for any fisherman ever wanting to explore something new, something that hasn’t been fished by hundreds, thousands, or even more before you got your chance! This will be our most interesting program this year and we will keep our website updated with pictures and video through- out the season. We strongly recommend to make sure you are in one of those pictures or videos! That will be a memory lasting forever and a chance to say you were one of the first sportfisherman ever to fish these areas!

With the new channel in place we have a short 20 minute cruise through the mangroves before we arrive right in the middle of the new unexplored west side areas of Zapata National Park and will start our fishing!

Fishing: Fishing will be done both from the boats and by wading. Most of the flats are very shallow with hard clear bottoms allowing for very easy wading on solid grounds for sight fishing, mainly for Bonefish and Permit but also with the odd chance for Tarpon and other species! When fisihng the deeper unexplored areas we can’t say what species you will be casting on but we suggest you come prepared!

Special features/Tipps:

  • don’t forget your plug-in adapter

  • Passport has to be valid at least 3 month
  • Turist-Visa is needed – ask your booking agent for the international flights

  • Currency: Convertibles (CUC) 1USD=1CUC (changing course)
  • You need a travel insurance – ask you insurance whether they cover Cuba or not – you need a form-paper in spanish language