Cayo Santa Maria – Cuba

Be part of the “Tarpon & Tarpon At Night Research” – an article, published in several magazines, about the feeding behavior of tarpon at night. Special focus on hooking, playing and landing them at night. As we already know from our trips to Cayo Santa Maria, it’s probably one of the best areas around that globe to ambush flat tarpon. In other words, we are stalking the prolific flats of that area to sight fish for one of the most astounding game fishes ever period. Can you handle it?

From December 2008, Solid Adventures in cooperation with Planet Fly Fishing and Casa Batida took over the management of the fishing area on the north coast of Villa Clara province in Central Cuba in the west sector of Jardines del Rey. Unesco has declared this region a reserve of the biosphere. The area is beautiful and has all attributes for flyfishing with channels, mangroves and flats.

This is high-octane! Precise fast casting is the medicine. Fish from 10 to 80 lbs are present all year long and very big migrating tarpons up to 160 lbs start to show up in great numbers from March onwards. Classic sight flats flyfishing combined with chances in mangroves and channels when weather or tide is wrong for flats. Always a chance. Fishing for big snappers and jack is also great.

Seasons are as follows:

  • High season March 25 – July 30 (Big Tarpon Migration – lot of wind)
  • Good season March, Aug and Sept. (No wind and reversed migration + residents)


  • Protected park area with some of the best tarpon fishing in the world and with the new protection all commercial netting for bonefish is now finally stopped.
  • Only 4 boats.
  • Radios in all boats.
  • Possible Special 6 rod/week program with 4 days double- and 2 days single skiff through hosted weeks.
  • All the latest Loop saltwater tackle free to borrow.

The Melia Las Dunas 5 star hotel offers a true family resort with many family oriented activities. White sand beach, pool areas, all inclusive bars and retaurants.

Your Host:
Stephan Gian Dombaj
“Despite is young age, for several years Stephan Dombaj has counted to the first guard of the international pro team of Loop Tackle Design Sweden. His Fish-CV include hotspots in Russia, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Iceland, Argentina, BC, Sweden, Norway, Carribean Sea, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia etc and furthermore the experience as a guide for one of the world’s prime seatrout-rivers, the Rio Gallegos. As caster and showactor, he has his performs and demonstrates all thru Central Europe (Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sovenia) and regularly is presented in relevant Magazins and Catalogs. The founding of the Fly Fishing Nation Syndicates in 2007 makes him to a key-figure of the german-and englishspeaking hardcore scene.” by Stefan Haider

Special features/Tipps:

  • don’t forget your plug-in adapter

  • Passport has to be valid at least 3 month
  • Turist-Visa is needed – ask your booking agent for the international flights

  • Currency: Convertibles (CUC) 1USD=1CUC (changing course)
  • You need a travel insurance – ask you insurance whether they cover Cuba or not – you need a form-paper in spanish language

Excl.: Tips, international as well as national flights, alcoholic beverages (except beer) (pls. complete)

3990,- Euro €

Excl.: Tips, international flights