David Tejedor Royo is our spanish ambassador and contributor. It is thanks to his cousin Alberto, that David got in contact with fly fishing at the tender age of 14. Ever so contagious, fly fishing became a big part of his every day life. The abundance of Bass in the area should very soon be David’s first fish encounter and the gateway to a lifelong addiction for predator fishing. Ultimately, David would dedicate a fair share of his time to chase Europe’s biggest freshwater predator with the fly- the Wels-Castfish.

David’s sheer unbelievable hero shots are the proof that fly fishing has developed a good bit since Walton and co. Being the skillful allround angler that he is, trout, pike, bass and carp are also high on his scoreboard, but nothing compare to the raw power of a monster catfish. Limited access to longhaul and destination trips it is to thank, that David makes the most out of his backyard in Spain. And he does pretty well.

Having that said, David want’s to take you onto a picturesque journey via his camera lense, and we hope that you enjoy these images as much as we do.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact: david@flyfishingnation.de