Being some kind of a „professional fishhead“ means that his whole life always was and probably will be influenced and connected to the water and those creatures that live in it. Marko deals with fish and their ecology every day: Be it in his job as an Ichthyologist, or in his free time as an avid fisherman.

Fishing was his since he was a little kid.
Making his first experiences as a 6-year old when his father took him fishing for plaice and other flatfish with. (Thank him for that)

Since then Marko probably went the classic way :
From coarse fishing for bream and carp to fishing for predatory fish only, he developed straight into a lureangler which he exclusively did for many years. Fishing for pike (one of his favorite species) then got him on the right track: Inspired by flyfishing videos of ferocious attacks on sight in shallow waters by giant pikes, he got hooked and finally wanted to experience something new. For him, it was a fantastic way for a new beginning of fishing without any kind of expectations or pressure to succeed. Also, the ideology behind flyfishing, which involves using barbless hooks and trying to treat the fish with most possible care and respect to minimize injuries and stress appealed to him.

He began casting big flies on a 10wt right at the water instead of practicing clean casting with lighter gear on a field. (which he eventually should have done) This probably is the reason why Marko still does not get any prizes or credits for his casting style or posture.. 😉 Nevertheless, he can wheel it and even though he still enjoys casting a lure every now and then, he now prefers to take his flyrod and his camera on his trips all around the world to create some memories to remember and to share…

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