Like a virus it has been spreading inside his body, greedy for a dose of fish. The chemical reaction triggered by the simple process of getting a flyrod handed and casting it for the first time got Paulo hooked for life.

Fascinated as well as ambitious, he kept practicing the art of flyfishing and -casting. With the time Paulo spent outside exploring rivers, creeks, tiny tributaries, lakes, coastlines or any other watery playgrounds, his hobby emerged into a passion and further into an addiction urging him to be outside 24/7.

Starting when he was 12 years old, Paulo randomly met Stephan Dombaj in a fishing store in search of flyfishing experience, an encounter of great influence on his development as a flyfisher as well as his understanding of nature, that gave a new distinction to his life. Over the years, Paulo and Stephan took uncountable trips to the most unimaginable places and corners around the globe, practicing techniques that redefined modern flyfishing in different perspectives.

“It’s really not about how many fish you catch, it’s about how you do it and how you feel about it afterwards, about the memories you gather along the way” – one thing Paulo definitely experienced by also growing as an individual. Always equipped with a camera, he tries to belive in catching the memories and releasing the fish in order to contribute to sustainable fisheries and balanced aqua-systems.

By now, Paulo is an independent young Flyfisher and Photographer who finds himself chasing whatever is on the menu, whether it’s Golden Dorado in the jungle, sea-run browns in Patagonia or heavy cover pike in his backyard in Cologne, Germany – he always finds an excuse to be outside.

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